From the creators of Frozen Synapse.

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  • Full version for you and a friend
  • Optional Steam Key
  • In-depth player stats
  • Single player story & season modes
  • More multiplayer modes
  • Player customisation: armour, colours, naming players…
  • …and much more!
Optional Steam keys with every purchase
An exclusive in-game item with which to customise your stadium
Much like the Astonishing Trophy, but even more so.
Frozen Cortex soundtrack by nervous_testpilot. All tracks available as FLAC and MP3.
A brand new EP from Frozen Synapse and Frozen Cortex composer nervous_testpilot. Expect melodic electronica!
A 27-track collection of every major track from nervous_testpilot’s chiptune side-project _ensnare_.
Includes 2 Frozen Synapse keys, a copy of Mode 7’s award-winning PC sword-fighting game Determinance, the full Frozen Synapse soundtrack, the Frozen Synapse: Red expansion pack and soundtrack, nervous_testpilot’s debut electronica album Module.
Mode 7's award-winning debut title: a multiplayer sword-fighting extravaganza.
A unique helmet item for your team.
Taunt your opponents with this unique animation.
Unique gloves for your team.
Unique shoulder pads for your team.
An entire armour set inspired by Mode 7’s previous title Frozen Synapse.
Personalise your randomly-generated terrain with a unique stadium block..
nervous_testpilot’s trance soundtrack to Mode 7’s debut title Determinance.
nervous_testpilot explains some of the production techniques from tracks on the Frozen Cortex soundtrack.
Meet the team behind Frozen Cortex.

Basic Edition - $25

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Two copies of Frozen Cortex & optional Steam keys.

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Soundtrack Edition - $35

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Two copies of Frozen Cortex, optional Steam keys and…


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Pay To Lose - $1

Buy the Pay To Lose DLC for Frozen Cortex

In this era of “pay to win” multiplayer games, we need innovation. Behold, the world’s first Pay 2 Lose DLC.

The Pay 2 Lose armour, when attached to your Frozen Cortex players, has a terrible effect on their stats. Use it for effective handicapping against newer players, to humiliate your friends or for the sheer aesthetic pleasure of its ludicrous thrills. All this for the totally egregious price of $1.

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